Divorce Services

At Mediated Solutions we offer the following services to help you take control of your divorce, and your life:

Pre-Divorce Mediation:

Do you really need to get divorced? Pre-Divorce Mediation can help married couples determine if they need to get a divorce, or put more effort into repairing their relationship instead.

Divorce Mediation: (Including Dissolution of Marriage)

Mediation is a facilitated negotiation process designed to help a divorcing couple through the process of creating effective parenting plans (custody agreements), and financial settlements including child and spousal support agreements. The purpose of the mediation process is not to repair the marriage, but to help the parties establish their lives apart in a prepared, planned approach. This process is ever more recognized as the best way for most people to end their marital relationship. It is quicker, less expensive, more peaceful and more responsive to the needs of the parties and their children than traditional lawyer driven (litigated) divorce.

Divorce Mediation does not replace the need for attorneys but transforms the attorney's role from the controlling factor in the process into that of a trusted advisor. The mediation saves the parties money because they will negotiate the details of their divorce themselves instead of paying attorneys to negotiate for them. While we strongly advise all parties to consult with attorneys before filing any paperwork with the court, the "Memorandum of Agreement" developed in mediation can be included in their filing whether they do so through attorneys, or by themselves.

Divorce Coaching:

A Divorce Coach is a professional who knows the divorce "system." We help you clarify your issues and needs, see the situation realistically, and develop strategies that minimize conflict and maximize an effective settlement. We can help you take control of your divorce through a new divorce process called, "Unbundling." Instead of relying on an expensive attorney to control every aspect of your divorce, your divorce coach will help you find important divorce resources such as attorneys, mediators, therapists, accountants, and financial analysts.

Instead of paying a large up front retainer to your attorney, you will pay as you go, and only use your attorney or other divorce professionals as needed. Your attorney will become a trusted advisor instead of the controlling factor in your divorce. This gives you control of your divorce and the decisions you will make for the future.

A good divorce coach can save you money by helping you determine what you need in a parenting plan and financial settlement before you spend thousands of dollars in legal fees. Your coach will work closely with your attorney or mediator to help them help you.

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever face. A divorce coach is specially prepared to help you cope with the stress, find emotional support and get through your divorce with knowledge, perspective and confidence.



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