Divorce Mediation

Divorce hurts! There is no honest way to minimize the anguish of ending a marriage. When there are children, there are additional reasons for anguish, and additional people to feel the hurt. As pain becomes anger and the inevitable conflicts erupt, the traditional answer is to call a lawyer and get ready for court. Yet courts, by their adversarial nature, encourage combat magnifying the pain and conflict for everyone involved. The legal process takes the tragedy of divorce and makes it even worse.

There is another way!

During the past twenty-five years the practice of Divorce Mediation has become commonplace in America. A trained and experienced Divorce Mediator can help you negotiate your divorce in a collaborative approach that improves your relationship even as the marriage ends. Divorcing spouses learn new ways to communicate so that they may work together and avoid conflict in raising their children. Financial settlements focus on fairness, not punishment. Divorce mediation may not always be peaceful, but it is certainly far more peaceful than the traditional legal divorce process.

Even more, you have control over the final settlement agreement instead of having to accept the decision of a Domestic Relations Judge who doesnít know you or your children. The mediation becomes a safe haven where you can explore and experiment with creative parenting plans that promise better relationships and less stress than cookie-cutter visitation schedules. Mediated settlements last longer and work better than court imposed settlements because the parties craft the agreements themselves based on their own needs and interests, greatly decreasing the number of post decree disputes.

The legal fees associated with divorce can be crushing and the legal battle seems to go on and on. Discovery, negotiation and litigation fees are often much higher than expected, and after paying thousands in legal bills, you still may be referred into mediation. So save your money and try mediation first

Divorce Mediation is confidential, flexible, client centered, and much quicker, cheaper and less emotionally taxing than the traditional route. It works over 75% of the time. If it doesnít, you can still have your day in court.

Save your pain, your relationships, your children, your self-respect and your money. Call us at Mediated Solutions . . . first.

If you canít save the marriage, save the divorce!



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