Mediated Solutions is the conflict management and mediation practice of:

Steven D. Abrams

With over twenty years experience in non-profit management, community planning and as a Social Worker and educator, Steve founded his firm in 2002 with the goal of making the world an easier place to live by helping resolve conflicts. . . one at a time. Since his first mediation training course in 1989 Steve has refined his approach to mediation and honed his skills to facilitate and support individuals as they resolve their disputes and become more effective addressing conflict in the future.

Everyone working in some area of Human Services notes the challenges and struggles the average family must face. Spouses are frequently torn apart by the daily grind of life, jobs and parenting. All too often, couples lose their way and face divorce. After observing these phenomena and the resulting war as the couple enters the battle zone known as "divorce," Steve began developing expertise in helping couples manage and control their own divorce instead of turning their lives over to the "meat grinder" of the legal system. Please check out the "Divorce Services" page for the various services we offer.

It is clear that Divorce Mediation works. So what about other conflicts and disputes? Steve now offers services addressing workplace, business and civil disputes. Using mediation, these disputes can be addressed outside the legal system and are often resolved quickly and at a fraction of the cost of litigation. Since all sides of the dispute help develop and consent to the final agreement, the mediation process is a safe "win-win" approach.

There are family disputes that do not lead to divorce, but painfully divide the family. Conflict generated by child/parent, adult child/aging parent, marital role and inheritance disputes can be deeply disruptive to the life of the family and destructive to relationships. Mediation is often very effective in resolving these disputes and helps disputing family members recommit to the bond of family.

Steve has over 180 hours of formal mediation and conflict management training and experience in hundreds of cases. In addition to offering mediation services he is a senior faculty member at Conflict Management Services in Columbus, Ohio where he is a Mediation Coach for mediators-in-training, the lead trainer for Negotiation Skills and Group Facilitation, and the regular Divorce Mediation Demonstrator for mediation students.

Steven Abrams is approved by the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Division of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch.



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