About Mediation

Mediation is a process of facilitated negotiation that helps parties in dispute better understand each otherís point of view, clarify what is really important, and identify solutions that are responsive to all the important concerns of each side. The goal of a mediated solution is not compromise, but win-win: each party confident that the final agreement responds to their primary and important needs.

Mediation is not a legal process but is an alternative resolution process that is faster, less expensive, confidential, safer for both sides and highly responsive to the needs of the parties. While it usually helps parties reach full agreement, if it doesnít, parties fully retain their right to have their day in court.

Mediation has proven effective in a wide range of disputes. At Mediated Solutions we offer services addressing the following:

Family and Relationship Disputes

Parent/child; Adult Child/Ageing Parent; Inheritance; Family; Marital and Pre-Marital; Divorce; Post-Decree Parenting.

Business and Civil Disputes

Partnership; Management; Alliances; Transition/Institutional Change; Contractual; Workplace; Customer.

Disputes of Non-Profit and Religious Organizations



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