Offering professional mediation services in the areas of family life, divorce, business and civil disputes as well as facilitation, negotiation and training.

Conflict is a fact of life!

No matter how hard you try, conflict happens, sticks around and gets worse until you address it.

Mediated Solutions is a conflict management/mediation practice located in Columbus, Ohio with expertise in resolving conflict and improving work, family and social relationships. We help you resolve disputes and restructure your relationships so they become more productive, effective and satisfying.

Mediation is a voluntary process where parties in dispute negotiate a resolution which is agreeable to all sides. Most non-criminal disputes can be mediated and mediation is normally faster, less expensive and less stressful than litigation. So whether you are facing divorce, family conflict or a contractual, business or workplace dispute, mediation is well worth trying.

Conflict is energy. It can be harnessed for positive change or it can become a painful weight that poisons everything good in life. Let us show you how conflict can be an opportunity instead of a problem.

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